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  • Alan Stevens

TAKT and Takt

- Alan Stevens, TAKT Consultant and Founding Partner

TAKT Consultants is a consulting firm that has adopted concepts such as time saving, cost-effectiveness, systematic thinking, problem-solving, and leadership-enhancing to help businesses of all types and sizes reach and maintain operational excellence.

So what is Takt?

Takt time by definition is the rate at which you need to complete a product to meet a customer demand.

Easy right? Not quite. There's a third key part that is not in the definition: variables. There are endless variables when it comes to scheduling, planning, ensuring quality, and running a successful business overall.

  • Fluctuating demand

  • Unproductive processes

  • Multiple customers ordering the same product

  • Machine down times

  • Staffing issues

  • Supply chain constraints

  • You get the idea

Those variables can be manipulated to the benefit of the company though, which is where TAKT comes in. TAKT Consultants are trained to study the processes and workflow of a company, and then take that information to build and implement a plan that enables consistent, balanced outcomes over a period of time. The tools are implemented immediately, the change is gradual, and the results are lasting.




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