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Our Team

TAKT Consultants

The vision of TAKT Consultants is to be the benchmark example of the best practice in Lean consulting. Using our professional experiences, education, and passion, we are able to improve the skills of your employees and the productivity of your business.  We become a part of your team to identify areas of improvement and work alongside you every step of the way until you reach operations excellence.


The Founding Partners of TAKT Consultants have spent their careers building the future of their previous companies, and now they are using their expertise to help others. By developing businesses and individuals, they are developing the next generation of leaders.

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Jeff Jordan, Founding Partner 

  • BS Manufacturing Engingeering

  • High-level Supply Chain and Operations manager

  • Coaching & Mentoring Expert

  • Warehouse, Logistics and Distribution Consultant

Jeff is a successful and goal-driven senior manager with over 10 years of leadership experience. He has excelled in business administration and change management in a fast-paced and high-stakes environment. He brings to TAKT extensive expertise in strategic planning to achieve productive, quality, and efficient operations. Jeff is a creative problem-solver and is excited to take on challenges and solve complex issues to improve the bottom line of other companies. Diplomatic yet fun, Jeff has a passion for employee engagement and inter-department relationships through team-building, mentorship, and individual development. Outside of work, Jeff loves to be doing anything outside with his daughters and lives for nights around the bonfire with a cold beer.

My first engineering experience was in a manufacturing plant performing time studies to determine rate of processes. I didn't realize at the time I was learning early in my career the importance of Takt time. I am here to help optimize your processes, employees, and business as a whole.

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Alan Stevens, Founding Partner 

  • BA Mechanical Engingeering

  • BA Applied Physics

  • Production Concepts/Integrated Planning Consultant

  • Lean Director

Alan strongly believes ownership and leadership are key in driving operational improvements. For the last 14 years, he has been improving processes as an engineer, a leader, and a Director. His journey started long before his professional career when he worked in shipping, followed by welding, machining, and assembly on summer vacations. He is a problem-solver with the ability to see multiple options and work closely with every level of the organization to achieve success. Alan has an expansive knowledge and skill in developing and conducting Lean trainings and 3-Pillar workshops with Operations, Sales, and Purchasing. As a Lean Director, he ensures the roadmap, vision, and workshops are aligned with operational excellences and reducing lead time and waste in all processes. In his free time, Alan enjoys days on the lake or in the mountains with his friends and family.

 I love to understand how the world works so analyzing equipment and processes comes natural to me. I can visualize myself in everyone's shoes to see their challenges and their strengths. I have always been curious and I desire to continue learning and sharing my skills to help others.

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Frank Schlottig, Founding Partner  

  • BA Mechanical Engineering

  • MA Mechanical Engineering 

  • MBA Business Admin 

  • Black Belt 

  • Production Concepts/Integrated Planning Consultant

  • Lean Director

Frank is a strategic and bottom-line production executive with extensive experience in industrial engineering, manufacturing, and Lean manufacturing. He operates as a business partner and coach with line and functional managers using skills in Kaizen, Six Sigma, maintenance and shop floor control. Franks role assisting the CEO of his previous company gives him a wealth of business knowledge, including generating cost savings and operating income that support overall business strategies. Frank brings hands-on experience as Supply Director of Supply Chain and Logistics for Regional Americas, Plant Manager, Director of Lean for Regional Americas, and Director of Industrial Engineering, all of which will help set TAKT Consulting apart from the competition. Frank also operates an independent boat-rental company, so on the weekends you can find him on the lake with his wife and daughter. 

I am excited to launch TAKT in an effort to lead our industry forward. I am eager to challenge myself in new ways that will benefit other companies.


Kristina Turlik

Kristina's background in marketing is taking TAKT to a new level. 

Stephanie Jordan

Stephanie has a passion for designing companies around community needs and relationships. Her creative thinking helps develop our print products, trainings, and team-building courses.

Sean Barunas

Sean is a people-person with innovative ideas and a different perspective.

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